Discovery Of Gift

From a very early age it was apparent Cole was a gifted child with a natural thirst for learning.  At 18 months he displayed early powers of near total recall.  By age 3 he commanded such elevated conversational skills that he often refused to play with other children his age, instead preferring the intellectual stimulation of adults.  At age 9, while preparing for a family visit over the holidays, his parents uncovered an old toy keyboard that was intended to entertain Cole’s two-year old cousin.  The keyboard never engaged with his cousin but rather surprisingly caught Cole's attention.  Six weeks later Cole was still playing with it each day after school for at least an hour. One evening Cole asked his father “Daddy does this sound like Mozart?” and began to play along with a Mozart piece on YouTube.  While performing, his father noticed that Cole's concentration was fixated to the toy keyboard, not on the training video on his computer.   When his father asked him to play the song without the aid of the YouTube video in the background, it was evident that Cole had indeed memorized the song and possessed a unique self-taught talent. At that exact moment his father immediately gathered the entire family into their car and drove to the local music store, where his parents upgraded his $2 toy to an electronic teaching keyboard.  Within three months Cole had mastered many of the training songs on the new keyboard and was asking for professional instruction. Soon after starting formal lessons Cole began composing his own songs.